We will provide all materials for running a successful and enjoyable pottery party. Our prices include instruction, use of paints, patterns and equipment, firing and packaging.
The Process
The painted pottery is dipped in glaze (a little like liquid glass) and then fired in a kiln up to 1000ºC. During this firing process the paints develop their final colour (we will supply sample of final colours as a guide)

The Party
When you make a booking we will give you invitations to send to all the guests (these will explain that the paints are safe for children to use). On the day of the party we will arrive before the party begins to set up the painting area with brushes, paints and pottery.
Before everyone starts they need to have clean hands as the paints do not respond well to dirty fingers so you may prefer to have the party food after the pottery is painted.
After we explain about the colours and the firing process all the guests can select a design from those available and transfer the design onto their piece or choose some shaped sponges or draw their own design onto the piece with the felt pens provided.
Each guest can then decide which colours to use and settle down to paint. One coat will give a watercolour effect, two to three coats will give an opaque solid coverage.
On completion all the guests should sign and date their finished masterpiece. We will clear away all the paints, equipment and completed items. We will return the fired pieces within 4 days.

The Finished Item
We will return the glazed items, boxed and labelled, to the party organiser within 4 days.
Once fired your piece will be suitable for food use. Although dishwasher safe, you may prefer to hand wash until the novelty wears off. We would recommend you do not use the completed piece in the microwave.

Unglazed Glazed

Unglazed Glazed

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